Monday, July 23, 2012

Posting Drought Forecast

This year is one of the driest years in Colorado, which is at the epicenter of a drought that covers most of the continental United States, since the 1950s and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.  Posting volume at Dispatches from Turtle Island, your Denver based science blog, may be similarly scarce for a while due to a variety of impositions on my time.

This blog has not been abandoned, however, and I expect to make regular posts on the usual topics at a more subdued volumes over the next few months.


terryt said...

And you've just had another disaster near Denver. I hope none of your friends or relations was involved. But even if not it must still be very devastating for the community.

As for drought, it's winter here and we've had around 100 mm of rain in two days (about 4 inches, just in case). More rain further south. Drought in one place, floods in another. I suppose it evens out.

andrew said...

Yes, it was a great tragedy at a place where I've been many times. One of my office colleagues has a son who was going to go to that showing that night at that theater and decided at the last minute to go the following day. Fortunately, no one that I knew well experienced it first hand. Flags are at half mast across the area.