Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Planck 2013 CIB Anisotropy Data Released

The original release of the Planck 2013 CIB (cosmic infrared background radiation) data in March of this year excluded critical data on anisotropies that took longer to analyze.  Some of that data was released today in an analysis of tightened boundaries on models of star formation, which includes some quite model dependent assumptions about dark matter that are not present in the overall six parameter cosmological model.  But, the much awaited increased precision with which various cosmological inflation models can be discriminated from each other is not yet available.

These releases are a big deal because Planck's data are not just precise, but are measurements that are precise as it is theoretically possible to measure of a singular astronomical phenomena.  Once the full set of Planck data are release it may be a thousand years before deep space probes make better data available.

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