Monday, September 29, 2014

Moscow Experiment Still Believes That They've Seen Neutrinoless Beta Decay

The Moscow experiment still stands by its conclusion that it detected neutrinoless double beta decay ten years ago, even though this conclusion is not supported by numerous other experiments using a similar methodology.

In other news, MOND and other modified gravity theories continue to out perform cold dark matter theories in predicting galactic dynamics with fewer parameters.  The paper calls attention to the Renormalization Group in General Relativity (RGGR) theory, which is a modified gravity theory with on more parameter than MOND and one less than cold dark matter theories.  RGGR also somewhat outperforms MOND, albeit with one more free parameter.  RGGR has slightly outperformed MOND and its relativistic counterpart TeVeS since at least a 2009 comparison.

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