Monday, September 11, 2017

Why Did Solomon's Temple Have Two Pillars At Its East Facing Entrance?

The Old European Culture blog has a fascinating hypothesis about the Biblically described features of Solomon's Temple related to the traditional solar astronomy function of threshing floors. 

Basically, he argues that the Temple, which was built on a threshing floor, had two pillars because that was how a summer and winter equinox were marked causing the entry to align to true east. He also explains the grain processing and astronomical functions of placing a threshing floor on high ground and it associated function as a sacred gathering place, all of which would have predated Judaism.


DDeden said...

Just curious, might the two pillars (City & sedentary farming?) or 2 stakes (Village & nomadic pastoralists?) have represented staff/male and distaff/female? Solomon's temple pillars were named Boaz (strength) & Jachin (Yah establish). This image distinguishes them, many others don't.

andrew said...

A follow up post details Biblical and other evidence that this was a sun cult.