Sunday, May 22, 2011

Turtle Island

The Iroquois people of the Northeast Woodlands say our land began when "Muskrat" placed a speck of earth on "Turtle's" back - hence the Indian name for America, "Turtle Island."

From the program notes to "Ballads of Turtle Island" by Jack Fredericksen, first performed by the Colorado Wind Ensemble on May 21, 2011 in Littleton, Colorado.

This blog is a companion blog to Wash Park Prophet. It discusses politics, law, Denver and all things intertwined inextricably with them. It is very much a blog that is about what is happening in the moment.

Dispatches from Turtle Island strips away the names on the political map and goes back to the oldest name for this place that I know, "Turtle Island." It is devoted to science, history, pre-history and musings on life and the human condition that go beyond politics, that have nothing to do with the law, and that are not particular to the neighborhood and city where I live. Rather than focusing on current events, this blog takes the longer view.

The hope is that each blog will have more focus and a clearer voice. In time, they will each have contrasting layouts. I plan to post to each blog regularly, but to post less to both blogs combined than the sixty posts a month pace that I've been keeping up at Wash Park Prophet. We'll see how it works out.

Thanks for reading.

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