Sunday, January 29, 2012

The M Theory Conspiracy

I've heard less plausible sociology of science arguments.


Maju said...

I thought M stands from Maldacena. But nope: it stands for Matrix! Mwahahaha!

(It actually does: I can read Witten's brainwaves in my nightmares).

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Your crack me up!

Maju said...

Me or the spammers? Because you are getting a lot of spam (it reaches my maibox even if when I come you have already deleted it).

Now, seriously: I really like the string theory is so elegant and all-encompassing and so flawless that cannot be proven wrong apparently.

But I wonder what had Witten in mind when he chose that letter: mischief, manipulation or just membrane.

Whatever the case, the Matrix is real... and there are no agent Smiths, just the Universe is that way (yeah, why not?)