Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some Notable Papers By S. Deser

* Observations regarding the nature of how the mass of fundamental particles arises from their gravitational and non-gravitational self-interactions.

* How special relativity determines the sign of electromagnetism and gravity.

* Analysis of the gravitational self-interaction (1970); clarified and expanded upon in 2009.  (Criticism of this result and a similar one by Feynman in 1995 that shows an out of the box thinking alternative analysis can be found here).  And, some related non-obvious observations about the properties of stress energy tensors.  Also graviton-graviton scattering drawing on SUGRA (i.e. the gravitational extension of supersymmetry).  A new PhD dissertation expands on the seminal work of Arnowitt, Deser and Misner regarding the global conservation properties of GR extrapolating them in a sensible way to localize the GR effects that they discussed globally. This thesis cites the following papers by these collaborators, four from 1959-1961 and one republished in 2008.

* Non-local modifications of GR to explain dark energy effects without a scalar field or f(R) theory.

* A memorial recalling Dirac's work on gravity.

* A no go result on quantum field theories of gravity.

Deser's papers address many fundamental questions in physics with a clarity of exposition that is lacking in many newer publication.


andrew said...

This is as good a place as any to note a Neo-Newtonian Gravity scheme that retains the easy of this theory vis-a-vis GR when GR modifications are modest, while fixing flaws in Newtonian gravity relative to GR that don't make Newtonian gravity much harder to work with mathematically.


andrew said...

New memorial paper on ADM legacy.