Monday, February 23, 2015

Occam's Razor v. Clinton's Rule In Physics

[T]he A particle is one of the five physical states arising in the Higgs boson sector if you admit to add to the Standard Model Lagrangian density two doublets of complex scalar fields instead than just one.

Why should we be such perverts ? I.e., if the theory works fine with fewer parameters, why adding more? Well: the answer is the same as that given by Clinton when he was asked why he seduced an intern... Because we could.
From Quantum Diaries Survivor (emphasis in the original) discussing the paper previously blogged here in this post (note that the physicist author's first language is Italian, not English).

In other physics news, a new paper sketches out the main current issues of active investigation in QCD. 

And, a new analysis determines that the latest potential signs of SUSY at the LHC aren't.  A new CMS study of a quite generalized class of high energy proton-proton collisions with missing traverse energy, an opposite sign lepton pair, and jets, likewise fails to detect hints of SUSY and sets new SUSY limits (e,g., excluding gluino masses of less than about 900 GeV for neutralinos of under 200 GeV, excluding gluino masses up to 1100 GeV for neutralino masses of up to about 800 GeV, and excluding bottom squark masses of 250 GeV-350 GeV and 450 GeV to 650 GeV subject to various assumptions).

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