Thursday, March 19, 2015

Latest Top Quark Mass Measurement From ATLAS

The latest top quark mass measurement from ATLAS (at the LHC) is 172.99 +/- 0.91 GeV.

By comparison the PDG value is 173.21 +/- 0.87 GeV.

A somewhat more recent combined value (because it considers pre-prints and not just published papers) is 173.34 +/- 0.76 GeV.

An extended Koide's rule estimate of the top quark mass using only the electron and muon masses as inputs, predicted a top quark mass of 173.263947 ± 0.000006 GeV.

A prediction that I made in March 2014 which assumed a Higgs bosons mass of about 125.96 GeV and some other assumptions (some of which are just conjectures themselves), predicted a top quark mass of 173.1125 ± 0.0025 GeV.

Of course, the latest experimental value is consistent with all of the other values due to a lack of experimental precision in the top quark mass measurement, which is improving over time, but ever so slowly.

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