Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lux Further Constrains Dark Matter Parameter Space By A Factor Of Four

Lux is the gold standard for direct dark matter detection experiments and has further ruled out forms of dark matter that slightly interact with ordinary matter to a much greater degree.  Any dark matter particles with masses from 1 GeV to 10,000 GeV that have interactions with ordinary matter that are more than a fraction of the strength of interactions of a neutrino (which is barely any at all) have been ruled out.

The WIMP paradigm (in the narrow sense of dark matter particles that interact via both the weak force and gravity) is well and truly dead.

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Tienzen said...

No Stay of execution for WIMPs.

{No show} is now putting WIMPs on death row (from the LUX dataToday).

The correct {dark energy/dark mass} model buries WIMPs properly.