Friday, July 28, 2017

General Properties Of Quantum Gravity

There are important ways in which all quantum gravity theories must differ from general relativity:

1. Gravitational energy is localized.

2. Local conservation of energy by gravitons means that any non-conservation of energy by gravity arises from a source other than gravitons.

3. Newton's constant or a related dimensionless coupling constant of gravity runs with energy scale.

4. There should be graviton loops in all quantum field theories and this should impact the renormalization and running of other Standard Model constants with energy scale.

5. Gravitons couple to everything in proportion to its mass-energy, so in principle it ought to be possible for some combinations of particles to annihilate to gravitons and for high energy gravitons to decay to hypothetically just about any possible particle.

6. As a self-interacting massless boson, gravitons will share many properties of gluons qualitatively.

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