Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Arcadian Pseudofunctor Ends

For reasons not disclosed, Kea has discontinued her Arcadian Pseudofunctor blog, a theoretical math and physics blog, which has appeared in the sidebar here for some time. Kea is a female theoretical physicist from New Zealand who has lately been in the frustrating situation have having the appropriate academic training to do the work, but not the academic affiliation necessary to have proposed publications taken seriously, get invited to the relevant academic conferences, and so on. I've appreciated her many interesting posts.

I wish her the best and hope, as seems to be the case, that she will continue to be a presence in the physics blogosphere through comments on blogs and academic paper posting at ViXra, of which she has several, and so on.

Maintaining a blog is a time consuming labor of love that for a physicist can eat time better spent doing research, that doesn't necessarily always reach the intended audience, so I can understand that there are a multitude of good reasons why one might decide to close one.

Since this blog is no longer active, I have removed it from the sidebar.


Mitchell said...

I've blogged about her latest paper here.

Anonymous said...

It seems to be back as