Monday, May 7, 2012

300 Posts

This is the 300th post at Dispatches From Turtle Island, which has been in place since May 22, 2011, a little less than one year. This is about a third of the combined number of posts at Wash Park Prophet, from which this blog is a spin off, and this blog.

So far, most posts on this blog have fit pretty neatly into two main catagories: pre-history and ancient history with a major focus on human evolution, genetic and linguistic evidence on one hand, and modern physics on the other hand. Just over half of the posts (166) are on physics. These are areas where some of the most interesting developments in scientific discovery are taking place.

I'd initially considered including neuroscience and mental health posts in this blog, but these subjects are so deeply tied to matter of immediate policy importance that I've diverted them to Wash Park Prophet instead. Today I moved the Neuroskeptic blog link from this blog to that blog to reflect this reality. Technology coverage, and in particular, Internet and defense technology, have also tended to end up at Wash Park Prophet for the same reason - they are too deeply intertwined with policy issues.

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