Wednesday, November 14, 2012

400 Posts

I'm pausing just a moment to observe that a week short of eighteen months after starting this blog there have been 400 posts. Thank you for reading this blog. Feel free to live any general comments about the subjects covered by this blog in the past, or interesting future subjects to cover, in the comments.

Some topics such as military technology, economic issues related to science and technology, mental health, neuroscience, psychiatry, and public health are matters that I primarily cover in this blog's sister blog, "Wash Park Prophet" because they have many social science and political dimensions to them. This blog primarily covers physical sciences developments without direct economic implications, prehistory, ancient history, mathematics, and related developments, particularly in the area of population genetics. But, any area where science and scholarship are developing in a way usually irrelevant to short to medium term public policy is appropriate for coverage here.

1 comment:

Hallie Scott Kline said...

Nice place, Andrew. I look forward to each of your posts, particularly the speculation about Neanderthal-modern hybrids, Denisovans, h. erectus, Flores, etc. Glad you're here.