Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Machian Numerology

Merab Gogberashvili has written a number of papers showing how many of the physical constants of cosmology and particle physics flow naturally from the Machian principle, i.e. that inertia is due to the sum total of the gravitational pulls on an object from every other gravitating object in the universe.

He uses corollaries of this observation to note that the observed amount of dark energy in the universe corresponds to the aggregate gravitational energy of all of the particles in the universe acting on all of the other particles in the universe. He examines the notion of gravity as an entropic force. He derives the fine structure constant (i.e. the physical constant that determines the strength of electromagnetic interactions) from the relative proportions of baryonic, radiative and dark energy components of the total energy density of the universe. He suggests a Machian approach to resolving the "hierarchy problem". He uses this approach to derive Schrodinger equation and the Planck constant.

His other work is also very interesting. He uses a five dimensional standing wave braneworld model to derive the fundamental fermion masses and to examine the source of the speed of light constant and the relationship between the Higgs and Planck scales. He considers "apple shaped" extra dimensions as a possible source of the three ferimon families. He explores formulations of traditional physics in
Octonionic forms
. He sketches out a gravity-electromagnetic unification.

His proses is interesting and the span of the concepts he explores are a breath of fresh air compared to the stale recycling of well trod approaches by other theorists.

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