Saturday, August 1, 2015

Balls Of Light

In the passage below, I use the ten hundred most common words in English to explain some important ideas about quantum electrodynamics with help from the Up-Goer Five Text Editor.
A ball of light goes every way from start to finish, not just one way, if you do not look at it.

But, if you look at it, the ball of light will only go one way from start to finish. This is called the falling down of the light wave.

To learn where the ball of light will finish, you need to line up lots of short lines with points on one end, end to end, to see where they end up, in every way that it can go. This is hard, because the short lines with points on one end move around all of the time around the end of the short line that does not have a point on the end.

If the ball of light is hot, it moves around that end fast. If the ball of light is cold, it moves around that end slowly. When balls of light are not the same in this way, it is called the color of the ball of light.

How fast does the ball of light go? As fast anyone can go.

Does time inside the ball of light change? No. Only time outside the ball of light changes.

Balls of light are important. Our eyes read balls of light. Computers use balls of light. Phones use balls of light. All stuff, almost, in our world is put together with balls of light. Even animals.

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Maju said...

This could be in a collection of educative texts for kids. Any 5-year-old can understand it, and that is nice. :)