Monday, July 17, 2017

Facebook Traffic

I appear to be getting a lot of hits at this blog from links on Facebook posts recently, probably mostly to a couple of moderately old posts at this blog, probably including one linking New World and Altaic genetics, but my limited analytics make it hard to tell what Facebook posts are linking to posts on this blog. 

If you are aware of Facebook links to this blog, I'd appreciate a note in a comment with a link to the source post, just out of simple curiosity (I certainly wouldn't ask anyone to take down a post).


terryt said...

I have linked a couple of your posts onto Facebook. I have actual friends (not just FB 'friends) who are interested in human prehistory. I'll check back when I get a chance and try to find what subjects although I don't specifically remember anything to do with New World and Altaic genetics. I read your blog virtually every day by the way.

andrew said...

Thanks. I appreciate it.