Thursday, December 7, 2017

Personal Attacks In The Comments Are Strictly Forbidden Here.

This is a warning.

Many blogs in the areas of anthropology and/or physics tolerate some ad hominem (i.e. personal) attacks on other people leaving comments in the comments at their blog, or even make ad hominem attacks in their own posts.

Ad hominem attacks in the comment are completely unacceptable at this blog, and they will be made in original posts here only in very exceptional circumstances.

I am quite willing to tolerate non-mainstream theories and personal conjectures in the comments. And, other commentators are welcome to criticize those theories and conjectures in other comments. But, ad hominem attacks on other people making comments, whether or not they are justified (and sometimes they are), are not permitted here for any reason. 

This is a forum in which a minimum standard civility is imposed.

If you have a criticism of something that someone else has said, you need to figure out how to say that without making it personal (and without making it a racial or ethnic slur or making your point in any otherwise offensive manner).

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Anonymous said...

Hear, hear. I have a theory about this current trend in overt bigotry: it’s all the stupid people who mistakenly think that bigotry is the winning side, because it was a good bet every other time, and they are looking for the rewards which the power abusers have been getting for their behaviour.