Friday, December 29, 2017

The Ten Most Popular Posts Of 2017 (So Far)

The following ten posts were the most popular at this blog in 2017 as measured by page views. Nine were anthropology posts and one (number 2) was a somewhat meta physics posts. Overall, 86 posts in 2017 were on physics (somewhat less than my usual 50-50 split).

South Asia was discussed in two of the anthropology posts, the Americas were discussed in three of them, Africa was discussed in three of them (number 5 is about Africa even though that isn't obvious from the title) although one of the African posts also discusses Europe and the Middle East (number 4), and one was about the Middle East, which is at the intersection of South Asia, Africa and Europe. No posts exclusively about Europe, or about North, East or Southeast Asia, or Oceania (not even Australia) made the cut for the top ten.

10. Dravidian Speaking Gonds In India

9. The Founding Americans Hung Out In Beringia Before Moving South

8. Central African Hunter-Gatherer DNA Is Distinctive

7. Is Poverty Point, Louisiana Evidence Of Complex Social Organization In Hunter-Gathers?

6. The Middle East Really Has Been In The Middle

5. Another Introgressing Hominin Species?

4. The Source Of the Proto-Chadic Y-DNA R1b-V88 People Of Africa

3. Ancient DNA Refined New World Settlement Paradigm

2. Blog Post Results In Revision Of Next Edition Of New Trade Non-Fiction Book!

1. Harappan Y-DNA Leak

With this post, I have also averaged two posts for every three days this year.


DDeden said...

"With this post, I have also averaged two posts for every three days this year"

That is almost unbelievable!

andrew said...

I also made 294 posts at sister blog "Wash Park Prophet" in 2017, in addition to making some posts, a few cross-posted at "Physics Forum" and Physics Stack Exchange.