Monday, June 11, 2018

Bad Sportsmanship At Science (the Magazine).

Sabine Hossenfelder's new book, "Lost in Math" (although I like the German title, "The Ugly Universe" better), will arrive on my porch tomorrow afternoon. The review of that book at the magazine "Science" is unsporting, in bad taste, and does not adhere to the standards of civility we ought to expect in reputable professional science:
Science magazine has a review. For some reason they seem to have decided it was a good idea to have the book reviewed by a postdoc doing exactly the sort of work the book is most critical of. The review starts off by quoting nasty anonymous criticism of Hossenfelder from someone the reviewer knows on Facebook. Ugh.
Via Not Even Wrong (Bee's makes a pointed rebuttal to it here).

Bee also took the high road in writing this book with a human subjects committee "best practices" worthy approach to her interviews. The same post has a delightful anecdote recounting the arrival of the finished product at her door:
The cover looks much better in print than it does in the digital version because it has some glossy and some matte parts and, well, at least two seven-year-old girls agree that it’s a pretty book and also mommy’s name is on the cover and a mommy photo in the back, and that’s about as far as their interest went.
I'll reserve a substantive review until I've read the book itself.

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