Thursday, December 29, 2022

Mehmed v. Vlad

A historical fiction account of the real historical Vlad the Impaler, who became a model for Count Dracula is long overdue. But Netflix has risen to the occasion in season two of "Rise of Empires Ottoman" entitled "Mehmed v. Vlad".

I don't know if it will be well done or not, but the trailer looked good and the historical tale of a man who lived on both the Christian and the Muslim side of the conflict between the Ottoman Empire and the Hoy Roman Empire in the 15th century is one worth telling.


neo said...

since Deur compare GR with QCD does QCD also have a special acceleration scale, not a length scale.

andrew said...

The analog in QCD to the self-interaction terms that give rise to MOND-like effects in Deur's approach are:

√4παs[ψ2∂ψ]+ 4παs[ψ4]

The MOND-like effects in spiral galaxies in Deur's approach come from the following terms:

F(G) = c^2(aπG(N)M)^1/2/(2√2)r

where F(G) is the effective gravitational force, G(N) is Newton's constant, c is the speed of light, M is ordinary baryonic mass of the gravitational source, r is the distance between the source mass and the place that the gravitational force is measured, and a is a physical constant that is the counterpart of a0 in MOND (that should in principle be possible to derive from Newton's constant) which is equal to 4*10^−44 m^−3s^2.