Monday, April 29, 2024

Substrate Languages In Europe

Here's an interesting map of substrate languages in Europe. I don't vouch for its complete accuracy.


DDeden said...

Interesting. I like the pre-Greek talakya > thalassa : sea. I compare it to my paleo-keyword xyuambua.tlachyah and wonder if it may have also referred to the internal sea of the womb. That would match other words describing hollows, eg. Xyuambua ~ chamber, buatla ~ bottle, wamba/womb, tomb, stoma, etc.

Darayvus said...

I had to dig around but the -kya suffix is found in Beekes (2009):
He brought this from Hesychius, and rebuts (vehemently) that the -ssos/-ssa suffixes came to Greek via Luwian. That preGreek substrate may even have contributed to Luwian via old Greek or Minoan.

andrew said...

Interesting thoughts in both cases.