Tuesday, November 8, 2011

LHC Narrowing SUSY Landscape

[T]hroughout 2011, low-energy supersymmetry with conserved R-parity has been dying as a solution to the hierarchy problem. . . . Let's be fast and cruel and simply declare the R-parity-conserving theories to be excluded. We may add lots of a posteriori explanations why we should have always expected the R-parity to be broken and why we were just brainwashed into mindless thinking that R-parity had to be conserved (I surely feel this way today). . . . When it comes to supersymmetric phenomenology, R-parity-conserving theories out, R-parity-violating theories in. That's the message of the LHC at the end of 2011.

From Lubos Motl, a strong SUSY advocate.

He goes on to note that R-parity conservation is not, as many believe, necessary to obtain a suitable dark matter candidate or a suitably long proton decay rate, and explores the latest and greatest R-parity violating SUSY theory out of Cornell.

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