Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Old European Culture blog

The Old European Culture blog, which commenced a little more than a year and a half ago, explores historical linguistics, archaeology, the legends of European people from prehistory, and and their connection to archaeogenetics.  It is a true treasure with in depth analysis, well reasoned conjectures, quality illustrations, and more.

The most recent post, for example, puts a deadly skirmish that killed about 1200 BCE near a river in the middle of nowhere to the southeast of Denmark, in the largely historical context of Bronze Age cultures that brings to life the industries and commerce that drove those societies.

Another recent post makes some striking observations about the origins of the word for embassy in Greek and words with a related meaning and very similar form in South Serbian.  (This also got me thinking about pre-Greek substrates).

Yet another digs deep into Irish origin legends (after you look at that it is also an appropriate to look at the Wikipedia article on a possible non-Indo-European Goidelic substrate in the Celtic Irish language).

Go read it.

Elsewhere around the blogosphere there is a nice account of the sequencing of a complete woolly mammoth genome.

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