Friday, September 30, 2016

1000 Posts

This is the 1000th post at Dispatches From Turtle Island, which has maintained its rather quirky mix of about 50% physics (508 posts out of 1000) and about 50% anthropology and genetics for the roughly five years that it has been in existence.

As of the time I am writing this post, there have been 1876 published comments (excluding deleted comments), which is an average of almost two comments per substantive post.

There have been 391,729 page views of this blog since its inception, an average of 392 page views per post, although that average is highly skewed by a few posts that have received very high traffic, such as the all time most visited post on this blog about "Pre-Out of Africa Population Sizes and Densities", which has received 12,707 page views.

This blog gets less traffic than its sister blog, Wash Park Prophet, from which it was split off. But, the quality and sophistication of the readership is quite impressive.

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