Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Why Is A GUT Scale Collider Basically Impossible?

In order to create a collider capable of exploring the GUT scale, it would take a "Dyson swarm" around the Sun to get enough energy, would have to be a "photon collider" and would have have a periodic magnetic field of solar system proportions according to an April 14, 2017 paper exploring the concept.


neo said...

i understand this is a linear extrapolation of current 2018 LHC technology. problem with linear extrapolation, imagine extrapolating 1940s vacuum tube computers to today's iphone.

what about using a technology that is completely different as different as vacuum tubes and transistors, perhaps 50 years of continuous improvement, of using exascale lasers focused on femtometer area to accelerate particles to GUT scale collisions.

andrew said...

It isn't really just a linear extrapolation. It presumes major breakthroughs and radically different approaches. It is always hard to predict the future, but the laws of physics make it easier to quantify this future than many others.