Friday, March 29, 2019

Conformal Gravity In A (Sophisticated) Nutshell

Conformal gravity is right up there with Deur's efforts to formulate quantum gravity in the static case using a scalar graviton approximation as one of the most promising explanations of dark matter phenomena.

From: Philip D. Mannheim, "Is dark matter fact or fantasy? -- clues from the data" (March 27, 2019).


neo said...

I wish both Sabine H and Stacy M would take a look at this and blog on it and what they think. (and Duer's paper to)

and what are the prospects of a quantum theory of gravity based on conformal gravity - there is one paper on loop quantizing conformal gravity.

Do you know if conformal gravity can also handle galaxy clusters as MOND by itself isn't enough, and the third peak in the CMB?

also in the news press, axion dark matter search has come up empty

Dark matter experiment finds no evidence of axions
Science Daily-9 hours ago
"As dark matter, they shouldn't affect your everyday life," Winslow says. "But they're thought to affect things on a cosmological level, like the ...

andrew said...

There are papers on conformal gravity cosmology by the same author.

neo said...

are there papers that deal with conformal gravity and galaxy clusters, where MOND is not enough? does Deur also deal with galaxy clusters?

andrew said...

Duer deals with clusters. idk re conformal gravity and galaxy clusters. Study and tell me.

neo said...

does Duer address third peak in the CMB?

i've wondered myself if micro black holes or geons could explain it.

andrew said...

This 2017 paper argues that CG works in clusters (contrary to earlier papers arguably misapplying the theory that suggest that CG provides pull in excess of the dark matter equivalent that would be required).

neo said...

good find.

I'd like to see an analysis of the bullet cluster vis CG

I asked Bee whether the gravitating mass via gravitational lensing might be if not dark matter, which is why bullet cluster is seen as disproving MOND.