Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Larger Stonehenge Stones Came From 15 Miles Away

A long standing mystery related to Stonehenge has been solved and the answer is less fabulous than we might have hoped. 
The mineral origin of Stonehenge is an ancient mystery now solved, thanks to the solving of more contemporary one: who absconded with core samples from a crumbling standing stone, drilled out in 1959 so it could be reinforced with rebar? One of the three cores was recently returned by an 89-year-old worker from the diamond company that performed the work six decades ago, and tests show that it came from a quarry only 15 miles north of the monument. 
. . . Stonehenge's smaller bluestones were already proven to be from a quarry in Wales. Their 142-mile journey probably involved a leg by boat, a logistical feat that would have been much more challenging for the larger cuts.
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