Friday, April 2, 2021

New Evidence Of Earth's Formation Hypothesis

The theory that the Earth and the Moon are the product of a collision about 4.5 billion years go of a proto-Earth and a protoplanet which has been called "Theia" is widely accepted in astronomy and geology. 

Scientists have now found evidence in the makeup of Earth's mantel that supports this hypothesis.

A team of scientists at Arizona State University has proposed that the large blobs of material in Earth's mantle (the large low-shear velocity provinces, LLSVPs) may be left over pieces of Theia, a protoplanet theorized to have struck Earth, resulting in the creation of the moon. The group argued their case at this year's Lunar and Planetary Science Conference and are awaiting publication in Geophysical Research Letters.

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DDeden said...

Makes a lot of sense. (When I first saw the pix, the middle donut with sprinkles and the jelly donut & donut-hole on the right, I thought it was a April Fool's joke.)