Monday, July 13, 2015

Temporarily Out of Action

I am in trial this week and out of action for the duration.  Carry on.



terryt said...

Your trial or are you on jury duty?

Mitchell said...

I'm going to guess he's representing someone in court.

Davidski said...

He's a lawyer.

andrew said...

I was representing someone in an out of town trial involving a construction project dispute last week which is a 14-16 hour a day job while you are in the thick of it (the trial was concluded so I'm relatively free from that again), and was also on call for jury duty in a jury pool being used to select jurors and alternative jurors for a six week murder trial where the death penalty is being sought.

As it happens, I escaped consideration in the jury pool simply because my randomly assigned number didn't come up until they'd chosen everyone they needed to seat a jury (they always call more than they need because no shows and people who are excluded for cause come in unpredictable numbers that are highest in long trials involving the possibility of the death penalty). Jury duty is a noble thing that I would have done willingly, but it pays less than minimum wage, which would have been tough financially if I had been chosen.