Friday, September 24, 2021

Reminder That XENON1T Was A Fail

A new study, led by researchers at the University of Cambridge and reported in the journal Physical Review D, suggests that some unexplained results from the XENON1T experiment in Italy may have been caused by dark energy, and not the dark matter the experiment was designed to detect.
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This post is a friendly reminder that any "New Physics" findings based upon the anomalous results from the XENON1T experiment should not be taken seriously. 

It is known that there were material sources of background noise that were ignored in the XENON1T data analysis that could have impacted the result. And, the experimental apparatus was dismantled before it was possible to analyze it in order to determine if those ignored background sources were creating false positives that looked like New Physics.

Its results remain reliable to the extent that it ruled out New Physics (since those results would merely be weakened by false positives). But, some or all of its results that have been attributed to beyond the Standard Model physics were almost surely false positives. So, it is useless for purpose of proving the existence of New Physics.

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