Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ASHG 2015 Abstracts Available

Razib has noted some of the most interesting conference paper abstracts from the ASHG 2015 conference.

Eurogenes has focused on the most interesting of the lot, describing 34 ancient NW Anatolian genomes from 6300 BCE which look just like Early European LBK and CP farmers. The paper is I. Lazaridis, et al. "Genome-wide data on 34 ancient Anatolians identifies the founding population of the European Neolithic." (2015). This strongly supports the current paradigm regarding the origins of the first wave Neolithic farmers of Europe developed based upon other data.  I discussed this paper earlier at this blog when only its title and not its abstract was available in some depth.

But, there are dozens of other very noteworthy papers in the ASHG 2015 abstract collection that Razib has posted.

Eurogenes also has noted an interesting PNAS paper on the migrations of people from the seminal Kura-Araxes culture of the South Caucasus mountains which may have been one of the primary sources of the Bronze Age technological package of Europe, West Asia, the Levant and beyond.

I've was out of town on businesss Sunday and Monday, and will be out of town in court for a client on Wednesday, but I'll try to give these more attention when I have time.

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