Friday, January 18, 2019

Atomic Structure

This blog had a humor deficit that I'm working to backfill.

From here.

Fun fact: 43 out of 1571 posts at this blog are tagged humor (about 3%).


DDeden said...

Where's the 'smiley-face' model? Or was that the Mickey Mouse model of dihydrogen oxide. I forget. Anyhow, I'm passing out this "plea" for information/insights about h(a)emochromatosis. I sent this to Westhunter blog:

Daud Deden says:
January 19, 2019 at 9:27 pm
OT. Help? I humbly request you to skim a post I wrote/pasted at sci.anthropology.paleo about a blood iron disorder. Would you please write a blog post with your thoughts on the condition? Consider Hemochromatosis vs anemia in light of evolutionary benefit, soil iron vs iodine, seasonally nomadic H&G (+seafood) vs settled grain agriculturalists with stored/processed grain/dairy/meat high-calorie diet, effects on society, aging etc. (This time it’s personal as well as theoretical). DD!topic/sci.anthropology.paleo/8jV1ajZ1bfw

Any comment?

andrew said...

Maybe when I'm well enough. Currently in a daze.