Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mathematics As A Mature Discipline

How mature is mathematics as a discipline?

Probably less than 2% of adults will ever master any kind of math more modern than the advances made by Leohard Euler, who died in 1783, and fewer people still can understand all the contributions he made to mathematics and other scientific disciplines. His intellectual legacy began to accumulate around 1726.

Calculus, now studied by many students late in high school or in their freshman year in college, was invented by Newton and Leibniz in the late 1600s.

Alexander the Great, who died around 323 BCE, studied some of the same mathematical subjects that are found in high school classes called trigonometry or pre-calculus (e.g. conic sections).

Most Americans spend a year in school studying geometry concepts that were in place and improved upon by Pythagoras who died around 495 BCE.

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