Monday, April 24, 2017

65,000 Years Of Beringia In Maps

The linked post shows images of how Beringia looked on a map at regular intervals over the last 65,000 years. The land bridge was more long lived than usually recognized.


DDeden said...

Bison arrived from Siberia 130ka via Beringia, making the recent story about possible south California mastodon marrow scavenging slightly more plausible IMO.

andrew said...

It was probably a bit earlier than 130kya, but certainly there was a land bridge around that time. The big arguments against are that the land bridge involved a route farther north than any archaic hominins have been found, that it predates modern humans outside Africa (if they are to arrive in time to take the land bridge which is closer to 140kya), and that there is absolutely no other evidence of archaic hominins in the Americas when they should have been wildly successful in this virgin territory.

NKent805 said...

There has been tons of evidence found in the Americas. Just because the Clovis first era descredited everything non biased scientists found doesnt automatically make them disapear. There are millions of ancient remains in museums that have not been genetically tested. There have been Neanderthal like crania in found in Necada that have not been tested. A lot of good evidence for a longer Native American presence in the Americas that have not been taking seriously. American anthropologists have did everything in their power to keep the Americas recently inhabited. It serves the American government to discredit Native Americans recent immigrants in their own ancient homelands.