Thursday, April 13, 2017

Blog Post Results In Revision Of Next Edition Of New Trade Non-Fiction Book!

This is so unprecedented that it is newsworthy.

Sometimes, voices in the wilderness are heard, although it helps to have a voice that is timely, frequently amplified through mainstream media sources, and has a particularly knowledgable interlocutor.
April 7, 2017
The Particle Zoo: The Search for the Fundamental Nature of Reality
By Gavin Hesketh
Paperback Edition
Quercus (15 Jun. 2017) 
A few weeks ago, I reviewed Gavin Hesketh’s book The Particle Zoo. I found his introduction to quantum field theory very well done. Considering that he can’t rely on equations, Hesketh gets across a lot of details (notably, what Feynman diagrams do and don’t depict). 
However, I was quite unhappy with various inaccuracies in the book, particularly concerning the search for physics beyond the standard model. 
But then something amazing happened! Hesketh sent me an email a few days ago, saying he read my review and revised the manuscript for the paperback edition to address the criticism. While the changes between the two editions will not be large, it usually doesn’t take more than a sentence or two to add some context or a word of caution. And so, I’m happy to endorse the paperback edition of The Particle Zoo which (according to amazon) will appear on June 15th. 
Posted by Sabine Hossenfelder at 6:37 AM