Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Co-Inventor Of CKM Matrix Passes

One week ago, Tošihide Maskawa (81) died of cancer; see Physics World. He co-authored the CKM matrix with Kobajaši and got the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics with Jojčiro Nambu (with the symmetry breaking as a theme).

Via Lubos Motl.

The CKM matrix is a key component of the electroweak part of the Standard Model. Four of the experimentally determined constants of the Standard Model of Particle Physics are the parameters of the CKM matrix. It sets forth the probability of one quark transforming via a W boson interaction into another kind of quark. It is also the only source of charge parity (CP) violation in the Standard Model (apart from possible CP violation in the parallel PMNS matrix which describes neutrino oscillation).

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